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If you live in Florida and your home is constantly exposed to hurricane winds, this invaluable service will evaluate how well different parts of your home can withstand wind damage. By taking advantage of this analysis, you may have the chance to receive potential discounts on your home insurance.
Wind Mitigation Inspection
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What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The wind mitigation report serves as a vital tool for insurance companies to assess the structural integrity of a home against powerful winds. A highly skilled and certified home inspector will meticulously examine various aspects of the roof, including the quality of shingles, roof decking, roof to wall connection, permitting, shutters, roof shape, and the presence of a secondary water barrier. Their expert evaluation provides invaluable insights into the home's ability to withstand the forces of nature.


Common Inspection Questions

Whether you're considering buying or selling a home, Property Inspection Consultants inspections address all your concerns to give you complete peace of mind.

The answer is absolutely. Home inspections reveal the rue condition of the home, not just what you can see on the surface. Knowing these details can save you thousands of dollars in repairs, identify safety hazards and provide additional negotiation leverage.

It's not required to be present during the inspection, but it does offer many advantages. For one, it provides you with first-hand knowledge of any issues the inspector identifies around the property. Additionally, you can ask specific questions throughout the process to make sure your concerns are addressed. Attending the inspection gives you the most value and provides peace of mind that everything you want to know has been covered.

There are a number of factors that determine how long a home inspection will take including size, age and condition of the home. In most cases the process can be completed in two to three hours.

In the majority of cases the cost of a home inspection is covered by the buyer. Inspections are generally considered a benefit to the buyer, so they have the responsibility to choose who they work with and pay for the related expenses.

Resolving issues identified in the inspection is negotiated between the buyer and their agent. The buyer will work with their realtor to negotiate based on any issues found in the report.

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My experience with Property Inspection Consultants (PIC) has been one of good customer service, professionalism, and great quality work. I needed a competent and honest company to perform a last minute inspection of my new home and PIC totally delivered. Thank you.

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Joe and his staff are excellent to work with! Always very attentive and quick with getting inspections done and sending the reports. We always recommend them and will continue to do so!

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Had to have an emergency 4-point inspection done due to some new insurance guidelines. Joe and his son were prompt and professional with their services. I highly recommend them.

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Joe is extremely professional and direct. No time wasted and very clear. Thank you.

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