Mold or Mould is the growth of minute fungi which are natural decomposers. Fungi usually occur in moist warm climatic conditions especially on wood and other organic matters.

Damp and mould are caused by much moisture. Moisture in buildings can be caused by pipes leaking, dampness rising in basements or ground floors. Seeping of rain in houses because of damage to the roof or window frames is another source of moisture. Even newly built homes can have dampness if the water used during constructing it hasn’t dried out.

Mold usually grows when they land on a damp spot in your home. Your floors, walls, carpet, rugs or wooden furniture can all provide breeding grounds and food which the mold needs to grow.

Molds in houses are much more than sore sights. Many people are allergic to mould or its spores. If so then these molds in your house will make you fall ill or worse. Even if you aren’t allergic to molds, its exposure can irritate your eyes, skin, nasal chamber, lungs and throat. There are many things you can do to combat mold problems and take care of yourself. Its best to remove the mold as much as possible. This is where we come in.

We are the best mold remediation companies in the business in or near Cooper City, U.S. Like our other home inspection services we also do mold inspection if you call us. Scientifically speaking since mold spores exist naturally almost in all humid regions, removing them completely from a home or any other place is nearly impossible. Some companies say they can remove all mold, this is factually incorrect.

A qualified company like Property Inspection Consultants understands the science behind moulds and its growth. Mould or Mold remediation works on getting mold levels back to normal and very low levels. Mold remediation requires specialised training and equipment. There are many processes. We will give you affordable quotation after inspection of your home so that you can remove and control mold for your betterment.